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Dancing Through Life: Steps of Courage and Conviction
Author: Candace Cameron Bure
Published By: B&H Books
Date Published: August 1st 2015 (first published July 5th 2015)
Pages: 195
Recommended Age: Adult
Read and Reviewed By: Me
Rating: A/5

This is part of my personal library.

In the spring of 2014 Candace Cameron Bure was a contestant on Season 18 of Dancing with the Stars. During that time, Mrs. Bure made quite a few self-discoveries about herself and in this book, Dancing through Life: Steps of Courage and Conviction; she shares those discoveries with her fans and other readers. In this book she talks about the lessons she learned about grace, rejection, perfectionism, disappointment, accountability, and dealing with criticism from Christians and non-Christians. Through all that she stays true to her herself and her faith in Christ.

My Thoughts:
I really loved Dancing through Life. Bure did a fantastic job explaining the points she was trying to make in each chapter and week of her time on DWTS. I loved how she chose a particular Bible verse to begin each chapter and the verse fit perfectly with what she was writing about in the chapter, which shows the time and discernment she spent on each verse and the message she wanted to give to her audience.

I recommend Dancing through Life.  I learned a lot from Mrs. Bure about standing with one’s convictions, dealing with disappointments, and having grace through it all. She let her fellow Brothers and Sisters-in-Christ know that she has the same struggles as they do in their Christian Walk. For these reasons and more is why I give Dancing through Life  a rating of 5. I would definitely read this book again one day.

Language: None
Adult Content: None
Violence: None


Agents of the Apocalypse
Author: Dr. David Jeremiah
Published By: Tyndale House Publishers
Date Published: October 7th 2014 (first published January 1st 2014)
Genre: Christian Non-fiction, Prophecy
Pages: 283
Recommended Age: Adult
Read and Reviewed By: Me
Rating: A/5

I have this book in my personal collection

In Agents of the Apocalypse, Dr. David Jeremiah breaks down the book of Revelation speaking about the 144,000 that are sealed by God; the two witnesses; the dragon; the beasts from the sea and from the earth; and the coming Judgment of God.

My Thoughts:
I truly enjoyed this book.  Dr. Jeremiah broke down chapters of Revelation into something that could be understood by everyone. Each chapter of this book was structured into a Fiction/Non-Fiction set-up. He first tells a fictionalized story from a section of Revelation so readers can picture what Revelation is trying to tell us about the coming days; the stories bring Revelation alive for the reader. Then there is a section after the story titled "scripture behind the story" to explain where the fictionalized story is drawn from. No one knows exactly how the last days and the Great Tribulation period will play out or who the anti-Christ will be, but the fictionalized stories help dumb-down the book of Revelation for people to understand the book of Revelation.

Agents of the Apocalypse is a good book to help you understand the book of Revelation. I recommend it to everyone, even non-believers so they can understand what believers believe about the Rapture, the Tribulation period, and our Lord Jesus' second coming.

Language: None
Adult Content: speaks heavily on the Great Tribulation period to come.
Violence: None


Living in the Spirit: drawing us to God, sending us to the world
Author: George O. Wood
Published By: Gospel Publishing House
Date Published: January 1st 2009
Pages: 185
Recommended Age: Young Adults, Adults
Read and Reviewed By: Me
Rating: A/5

From my personal library

Living in the Spirit is an in depth study on the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit explained by Dr. George O. Wood, the general superintendent of the U.S. Assemblies of God.

My Thoughts:
Being Pentecostal myself (but not Assemblies of God) I knew of the Holy Spirit being a person and of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit but not in depth, nor knew how to explain the Holy Spirit in an intelligent matter to non-believers of the concept being baptized in the Holy Spirit. When my church was offering an 8 week class to study the Holy Spirit with this book I gladly attended the classes and bought this book. I enjoyed reading Living in the Spirit. I learned a lot from Dr. Wood. He explains the Holy Spirit in such a way that non believers could even understand why we, Pentecostals, believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. He explains how and where the Bible speaks of three different kinds of baptisms: Baptism into Christ (1 Cor.12:13), Baptism in the Spirit (Acts 2:4), Baptism in Water (Acts 2:38-41). Wood also explains the Agent of the Baptism, the Candidate, and the element into which the candidate is placed. In chapters five and six, he speaks about the fruit of the Spirit and the gifts of the spirit; there is a difference.

I recommend this book to all Christians, not just to Pentecostals. I believe that if Christians understood other denominations better there would be less discord among our brothers and sisters-Christ. This is a well-written book and Dr. Wood did a fantastic job explaining the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit, which is why I rated it a 5 and a grade of A.

Language: none
Adult Content: none
Violence: none

By  Francine Rivers

The Left Behind Series (Books 1-12)
by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

Prayer: The Timeless Secret of High-Impact Leaders
by Dave Early

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life
by Donald S. Whitney

Disciple Making Is...How to Live the Great Commission with Passion and Confidence
By Dave Earley and Ron Dempsey

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